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Basic Coding is to 2018 as Basic Typing is to 1997 [and other ‘Friday Thoughts’]

It's another Friday and we're two weeks into February, six weeks into the new year, only 319 days until Christmas (better start shopping now). First, a few housekeeping items, how are your goal sheets coming along? They aren't? Well, feel free to download your copy of "Champion Your Life" the bullet journal gone digital here.… Continue reading Basic Coding is to 2018 as Basic Typing is to 1997 [and other ‘Friday Thoughts’]

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Friday Favorites: Hulu, Doughnuts, & Spreadsheets

It feels a little like a Thursday and a lot like a Friday. These short weeks should be a regular thing. I've read compelling arguments for the shorter work week both here and here. *If you've yet to download or receive a copy of January Self-Care Bingo, leave me a comment or download your image… Continue reading Friday Favorites: Hulu, Doughnuts, & Spreadsheets

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Virtual Coffee Date [#2]

If we were having coffee I'd share with you... I've just returned from an amazing weekend running around L.A. and Harry Potter World with my best gal pals Old friends truly are gold, not many other would put up with, let alone,  join in the constant singing of Christmas Carols. But, they're not above secretly… Continue reading Virtual Coffee Date [#2]

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Starting from Scratch.

Can you remember the last time you were a beginner at something? It’s hard. It’s plain hard, especially, when you know what you were once capable of doing on a regular basis. I’m a lifelong mediocre athlete. I played high school tennis, but solidly held onto the 4th singles slot. I was and still am… Continue reading Starting from Scratch.

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Day in the Life #1

Everyday is different, but this is a glimpse into last Wednesday. 7:00 Alarm #1. Roll over, turn on light, turn on coffee, scroll through email and instagram. 7:30 Make lunch, "bake" Shakeology protein pancake for breakfast, fill water bottle, and turn off lights in the apartment. 7:40 Slip on shoes and out the door with… Continue reading Day in the Life #1