She Says : He Says: Mornings

Mornings don't always go this smoothly on my side, but this is what I shoot for 2-3 times a week. That extra hour or more before leaving home and heading to work is life giving. It also removes that nagging feeling that I should get some movement in my day after work. Are you more of a "He says" or  "She says" ?

She Says : He Says: Reading

Yesterday I returned from the library with four books in tow, to add to the library book I'm fifty percent through completing on the coffee table. Also, I currently have one book club read sitting on my desk that is 75% complete, but on-hold until we have a club meeting date set. Please, raise you hand if you are also  reading multiple books. I'd like to confirm that...

She Says: He Says: How to Dress for a PNW Winter

We've just had the first major rain in Seattle. It's reminded me that I need to start replacing my flip-flops for real shoes and cardigans for raincoats. It also reminded me of the infographic we started creating last year on the differences of the perpetually cold person dressing for winter and someone that runs on a much warmer body temperature.   How do you dress for the colder...

Scenes from the Weekend: Sunriver, Oregon

We spent the final week of August in Eastern Oregon. It was full of biking, hiking, and soaking up vitamin C.    This was part of our 18 mile biking day - Benham Falls. Group hike/walk around the Lava Lands park with Lava Butte in the background. Brian and I looking for our the log where we take our annual photo.... Group mini golf outing! Trying allllllll the...

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