Hello there!

I’m a twenty something living in the heart of Seattle.

Owls delight me, half-caff coffee is my drug, running slowly is my jam, B&W bridge pictures fill my walls, and I’m always trying to improve my strength.

Sometimes, I find it’s easier to define yourself by things you aren’t, than things that you are, so with that:

I’m not a food blogger. I don’t own a DSLR.
I’m not a fitness expert. I’m not group fitness certified, but I was Zumba certified at one point in time.
I’m not wanderlust, but I love hiking all summer long and exploring the PNW trails. I have yet to successfully start a campfire.
I crave routine, but my Type-B personality finds it hard to adhere to one at all times ( i.e. bedtime is a moving target)
I love food, but would’t call myself a foodie. I could eat the same green curry over, and over, and over again, and be content.
I love nutrition, but i’m not an RD2BE, but I’m pursuing the idea of corporate wellness.
I had an eating disorder, ask me about it. I’m passionate about helping others break the cycle and seek professional help.
I’m a program coordinator and work with a team that dabbles with virtual reality/the latest technology, but I’m not techie by nature.
Here, I write about my perfectly imperfect life.
Grab your tea, beer, or Kombucha and stay with me a while.



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