We kicked off  WTF 2018 with some good ol’ southern style fried chicken. We have a few folks with hometown roots in Kentucky and Texas and they take their fried chicken seriously. “Ain’t nothing better than a good ol’ piece of fried chicken to warm the soul in the middle of Winter,” said our native Kentuckian.

A new restaurant, JuneBaby, opened in Ravenna, a neighborhood just north of the University of Washington campus. JuneBaby boasts of a nightly dinner special paired with a quality southern side. Chicken fried steak, roasted turkey leg, brisket, and mac and cheese are just a few of the authentic daily main specials. Our table made reservations specifically to indulge in the Sunday night fried chicken. We ordered a few appetizers to tame our appetites while we awaited the main course.

Crispy Fried Pig Ears

If you’ve been itching for a taste of frog legs or crispy pig ears, have no fear- JuneBaby’s crew can fry a mean pig ear. Having never tried pig ear before, I was impressed that frying something makes everything taste great. If pig ears aren’t the appetizer you’re looking for, the charred okra should suit you just fine.  The okra is dressed in a smoked chili vinaigrette with peanuts and is a lighter appetizer to start your evening.

Sunday Night Fried Chicken

Our table  exclusively ordered the fried chicken this Sunday evening, as word on the street is they run out by 6pm,so it must be something special. Half a chicken each, a buttermilk biscuit, and diced yams appeared 20 minutes later and we were not disappointed.  Those with lighter appetites were able to bring home some chicken, but easily gobbled down their biscuit and yams. The biscuit was drizzled with cane syrup and was lighter and fluffier than your best homemade biscuit. The diced yams, equally  great as the biscuit, were mixed with diced pineapple and tossed in a light honey habanero sauce. The sides balanced the salty fried chicken perfectly and left everyone content and satisfied with their JuneBaby dining experience.


JuneBaby is open 5 days a week for dinner and lunch on weekends, closed Monday and Tuesday. Reservations are available for parties greater than 10 guests.

WTF Club gives JuneBaby 12/10 for Sunday Night Fried Chicken, cocktails, and an overall terrific dining experience.

2 thoughts on “Where’s The Food Club {WTF} Fried Chicken Sunday: A Restaurant Review

  1. Michelle,
    Great review. I see your calling as a food/restaurant critic. Quite a group you are with.
    I’ve had pig ears before, but not fried. I ate pickled pig ears which I really did like. It probably went better with beer and wine.
    John Schindelar

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