Weekend Scenes

Croatia [1]

Our trip was broken up into 3-4 day segments, the longest time we spent in a city was 4 nights. It seemed natural to break the post up in those segments as well, so, expect three more follow-up posts. I found that we were constantly on the go, something that goes hand in hand with traveling, but is not my ideal pace. Unsurprisingly, the four days spent in Munich were my favorite. We had enough time to slow down for a day in between all of our other planned activities and see/do most everything we wanted.

Our first leg of the trip led us to a 16 hour layover in London. We had just enough time to walk around and tour a bit at night, sleep for 6 hours, and then hop a jet to Dubrovnik.


Our first leg of the journey was spent in Dubrovnik. We chose an Airbnb with only a 9 minute walk from the heart of town, just “a few” stairs to climb on the way home each night.


The view from our Airbnb made it all worth while.


A few highlights from our time in the city were the kayaking/snorkeling around the island, city walls, and the Game of Thrones city tour.






On our last day in Dubrovnik we spent a couple of hours in the old town aquarium, truly a highlight!


That’s all for today, cheers!


2 thoughts on “Croatia [1]

  1. Very nice. Now you have a taste of what travel in Europe is like. That’s why I sought employment in a foreign country before it was time to find a real job back in America. As it turns out, I was lucky enough to find a real job in Japan, Germany, and Spain.
    Yours in friends and travel,
    John Schindelar

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