When your friends start a food club, (Where’sTheFood?) it seems like an appropriate time to return from a blogging hiatus.

The inaugural event took place at a local dumpling house, Din Thai Fung, commonly known to locals as DTF. Please, don’t mix that abbreviation with any others that may appear in UrbanDictionary.com. If you’d like your potential tinder dates to know you enjoy DTF, you should spell it out, “I enjoy boating, coffee, and Din Thai Fung.” It could easily be misinterpreted for the wrong acronym in that situation. I’ve diverged from our topic, back to the food club update.

Our group was a mix of seasoned dumpling eaters and those that enjoyed their first dumpling experience. The lucky waiter assigned our table was in great spirits to be serving a table of 8 at 8:30pm. This was also fortunate for us, as we were the rowdiest table in the room. “When I say Sake, you say BOMB!”






Simultaneously, the table slammed SakeBombs and drowned the table in spilled water glasses and dropped forks.

Our waiter, returned, cheered on the team, and provided us a fresh set of everything fallen or drenched.

Dumplings arrived within 10 minutes of our drinks. Piping hot stir fried rice, vegetables, and a variety pork dumplings covered our table and we persevered, but soon hit our limit. Those little dough balls are deceiving, the expansion rate must be two fold, it’s amazing how fast they fill you up.

If you’re ever to visit DTF or any dumpling house, I recommend dining with at least three friends. This give you a chance to order a larger variety and experience more of the menu in a visit. And, make sure you do sake bombs.

Our food club “WTF” Rating:

14/10. “Would go back.” “Great Sake.” “Much Like.”




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