It’s December 4th and the holiday season is in FULL swing here at “The Penthouse.”December is my favorite month of the year. This is solely based on the fact that it’s encouraged to wear huge comfortable sweaters to parties. These sweaters are generally of the “ugly” variety, and lighting candles every night is more socially acceptable. The melting wax fills our apartment with cinnamon and cedar aromas to help us fully embrace the cozy holiday vibe.

This past weekend was packed to the brim with activity. I’m sure if I wasn’t able to fit another holiday activity in this month, I’d be content with the last couple of days.

Friday night was spent watching an amateur hockey match with friends (ok, not at all festive). I drank a hot toddy that evening and that has Winter written all over it,  I’d call that festive, right?img_0615

The next morning I picked up an americano with a splash of eggnog and spent all afternoon hunting for the perfect Douglas Fir to act as our Christmas tree. We drove to  two different U-Cuts outside of King County before we found a decently priced tree. 6′ and $37 seemed like a steal after a defeat from the first tree farm. Can you believe people will pay $80-$95 for a tree every year? I LOVE Christmas decorations, but you have to draw the line somewhere.


We drove home and I rushed to throw dinner together before I met up with other friend’s for the ballet. We dolled ourselves up and Ubered down to the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Watching the dancers glide across the stage made me miss my ballet days. It’s amazing how much more appreciative I am about about the work and technique after having experienced it myself. If I had all the time in the world, I’d love to get back out and twirl around on my toes, someday! We finished the night obligatory pictures in from the the PNW Ballet’s Christmas tree, a hot toddy, and in bed by 12:00.


The afternoon was spent at my friend’s choral performance. She’s apart of a community audition choir, it’s all ages and all members have had a large amount of choral experience in their life. Needless to say, they filled the room with beautiful rich tones. Though, most of it was in Latin. Who knows what they were saying, but it sounded great.

To cap off the weekend my roommate and I finished putting up the tree. The tree stand struggle is real. How many 26 year old’s does it take to successfully put up a tree?  Answer: Only 1 if you read the directions correctly the first time, but a couple hours and 2 girls if you neglect the directions…live and learn?


And now it’s time to hustle. It’s Monday and time to put on pants that aren’t intended for yoga and hopefully pack a lunch.


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