Week in Review: 1/18-1/24

The longest weeks seem to be the weeks that are only four days long. I took PTO Monday and stayed with my friend an extra day in LA. I returned to work Tuesday with back to back meetings and more deadlines than anticipated, but busy days make work fly!


Monday: Travel Day
Tuesday: TIU booty workout + BADI -trade work training
Wednesday: BADI -trade work training
Thursday: 1.5 mile walk and walking around town
Friday: Upper-body lifting session
Saturday: 4 wet miles around SLU: training run
Sunday: BADI
BADI is my favorite workout class, it’s the kind of class that doesn’t feel like you’re working out. It’s technically a “transformational movement class,” but I call it a pop and oldies Zumba class. Look for an in-depth review of BADI in the the near future.


Saturday night my friend and I spent time in our old college town visiting a friend, and revisiting our old favorite restaurants. The Red Hot  “Craft beer. Hot Dogs. No Jerks” They serve hot dogs/sausages for both plant based and meat eaters, these dogs are uhhhhMAZING. I always fancy a Tacoma dog (based upon the original Chicago dogs) or a Rajin’ Cajun (spicy andouille sauce, bbq sauce, southern style slaw and onions). No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.


The Red Hot has grown from a small bar of a mere 6 tables and a 7 barstools, to a new location of ~13 tables, and triple the bar seating capacity.  It’s a seat yourself style establishment, so I recommend perfecting your “scout, hover, and swoop in” to secure a table when you head here for a beer or hotdog. It’s a relaxed atmosphere that draws the afterwork crowd and college students alike. This food stop is a must-visit on your next trip through Tacoma.


IMG_5155 (1)
My friends and I bounced between two other bars after fueling up on hotdogs. We sampled a few beers, or in my case a “Not Your Dad’s Root Beer” hard root beer. We played a few bar games and called it a night around 11:30pm because staying up past 11pm has become difficult nowadays.


Here’s to one more full week of craziness at work and then 6 days off in Hawaii.


Are you a traditional hot dog eater?
Or do you prefer all the bells and whistles on your dog?



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